Weekly Meal Plans


Home cooked meals prepared from scratch and our meats are never frozen, so there is always a perfect portion served. The Tasty Table Market is designed for last minute day of “I don’t fee like cooking tonight” and your pickup dinner from our prepared food cases daily. The Weekly Meal plans is design for planning your meals ahead for the week/weekend coming up. Meals are never frozen and only need refrigeration till served, best part is they will last for at least 5 days. So stop and order for next week or order online, it’s that easy.

About Tasty Table's Meal Plan

Our Weekly Meal Plans are available with 48 hour pre-order and feature over 26 unique dinner entrees with sides,. Each can be customized with additional sides, salads and desserts.

Pickup Meals between 1-4 pm and receive a 20% off coupon for your next visit to Tasty Table!

With every delivery, Tasty Table Catering's delivery team provides drop-off and setup services. All necessary diposable flatware, serving utensils, glassware, and stemware are provided at no additional cost.

Planning a Special Event?

Tasty Table Catering is your "Catering Expert for All Occasions." We will provide custom designed menus with advice from our expert event planning staff. We have a passion for fresh, quality ingredients and creating the most beautiful displays for everything from buffets to sit down affairs. It all comes down to the details, and we never forget that.

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Weekly Meal Plans

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